Songhan sn8p2722 (20 feet)

2021-07-30 10:13:05

The 8-bit single chip microcomputer sn8p2722 has RISC like system, which has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption. The IC structure of sn8p2722 is first-class, including 2K word program memory (OTP ROM), 128 byte data memory (RAM), 2 8-bit timing counters (T0, tc0), a watchdog timer, 4 interrupt sources (T0, tc0, ADC, INT0), 1-channel 8-bit PWM (pwm0), 1-channel buzzer output (2K / 4K), 5-channel 12 bit ADC and 8-layer stack buffer. In addition, users can also choose the oscillation mode by themselves. Sn8p2722 provides four different oscillation modes for the system as the system clock, including external high / low speed crystal oscillator, ceramic resonator and internal cheap RC oscillator. In addition, sn8p2722 also includes an internal 16mhz RC oscillator as the system clock and a low-frequency RC oscillator for use in low-speed mode (controlled by program)

OTP ROM: 2K * 16 bits

Ram: 128 * 8 bits

8-layer stack buffer

Bidirectional I / O port: P0, P4, P5

Level trigger wake-up input port: P0

External interrupt: P0

1 external interrupt source: INT0

3 internal interrupt sources: T0, tc0, ADC

1 channel 2K / 4K buzzer output

5-channel 12 bit ADC

Built in watchdog timer

Internal high speed clock: 16mhz RC

External high-speed clock: crystal, up to 16mhz; RC, up to 10MHz

Internal low speed clock: RC, 16KHz @ 3V, 32kHz @ 5V

Most instruction cycles are one clock cycle

The table lookup instruction (MOVC) addresses the entire ROM area

Support multiply instruction (mul)