Development of single chip microcomputer for pipeline locator

2021-11-26 17:21:59 admin

Development of single chip microcomputer for pipeline locator

Circuit board development Description:

Functional features

● use signal generator for pipeline positioning (active detection mode)

● direct use of pipeline locator for pipeline positioning (passive detection mode)

● detect the camera position of endoscope system (512hz signal generator shall be connected)

-All seesnake? Endoscope system (including 512hz signal generator)

-It can also detect 33khz and 640hz signal generators produced by other manufacturers

● detect the LCD screen of high-pressure washer water pipe and dredger cable with signal generator


● 4.0 "LCD

● real time display depth

● automatic backlight function

● all information is displayed on the same interface

● display the target pipeline, depth and change

● guide arrow design to guide the operator to find the target quickly

● the proximity signal strength display helps the operator approach directly above the target pipeline as soon as possible

● omnidirectional detection: locate in combination with power (< 4kHz) and wireless telecommunication (4 ~ 15KHz, 15K ~ 35kHz) detection modes, lock the positioning frequency, and locate multiple pipelines (* * * 3 more) at the same time to avoid the omission of unknown metal pipelines.

Technical parameters:

● light weight, only 2.7 kg

● power supply: 4 No. 2 batteries, lasting for about 16 hours

● standard frequency:

Signal generator mode: 16Hz, 512hz, 640hz, 850Hz,


Active detection mode: 128Hz, 1kHz, 8kHz, 33khz,


Passive power mode: 50Hz, 60Hz, < 4kHz

Passive radio detection mode: 4khz-15khz, 15khz-36khz

Graphical display

Real time display of comprehensive pipeline detection and positioning information

When the value of parameters (target approaching parameters, current intensity, signal intensity) keeps rising

It indicates that you are approaching the target pipeline;

When the pipeline turns, the pipeline shown on the screen will also turn, and the screen guide arrow will turn

The left and right directions are displayed in real time.

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