• USB Keyboard recorder

    USB Keyboard recorderA national security department in Europe needs to record the computer operation of the staff. The software implementation method is obviously problematic, so it is very secret and

    2021-11-29 65

  • Advertising printing machine

    Advertising printing machineIn Shanghai and other cities, advertising machines can be seen everywhere. Sometimes when you see advertisements, you can't remember the relevant contact information. I

    2021-11-29 52

  • Japanese foot bath massager

    Japanese foot bath massagerJapanese businessmen have provided the prototype of foot bath massager, which has basically complete functions, but hope to improve the functions. The original designers are

    2021-11-29 36

  • Medical inquiry all-in-one machine

    Medical inquiry all-in-one machineThe client is the boss of a famous private clinic in Shanghai. He asked us to develop an advertising query machine for medical promotion. The main function is a verti

    2021-11-29 55

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