The difference between hardware version and software version

2018-08-23 17:03:03

Abstract: on the appearance, we can not see what effect, in fact, the same, but let us reveal the industry's secret: every 2000mA and below emergency mobile power is the hardware version

In the mobile power industry, customers often ask: what is the difference between the software version and the hardware version of mobile power? And I'm going to give it to you.

1. In terms of appearance, we can't see any effect, in fact, it is the same, but let us know the industry's secret: every 2000mA and below emergency mobile power source is a hardware version.

2. Generally, the hardware board of the battery pack is composed of discrete components, which cannot be programmed and controlled, but can only realize some basic functions. The software board, on the other hand, USES an intelligent chip processor, which can be programmed. In other words, there is a microcomputer controlling it, which can realize any automatic detection function. It can also be called a thinking board. Just like the current mobile phone, before the ordinary mobile phone, now everyone is using the popular smart phone!

3. Identification method of the software board of the portable charging treasure: when charging the mobile phone with the mobile power of the software board, as long as the mobile power is connected with the mobile power, the mobile power will automatically recognize the phone and charge it without any other operation; There is a corresponding indicator circuit when charging. When the phone is fully charged, the smart mobile power will automatically turn off the output, and enter into sleep state to save power for your mobile power, and will not damage your phone. Above is the mobile power hardware board and software board difference, hoped can be helpful to everybody.

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