• The advantages of creative usb flash disk customization for gifting

    Abstract: creative usb flash drive not only features gift and advertisement, but also features of fashion and high-end business. It is a perfect combination of practicality and value. As long as the u


  • About the drive repair method of usb flash disk

    Abstract: after starting the machine, press F8 to enter the safe mode, and then exit. If you choose restart or shutdown to start up, you can enter the normal mode to repair the registry. Please restor


  • The difference between hardware version and software version

    Abstract: on the appearance, we can not see what effect, in fact, the same, but let us reveal the industry's secret: every 2000mA and below emergency mobile power is the hardware version In the mobile power industry, customers often ask: what is the difference between the software version and the hardware version of mobile power? And I'm going to give it to you.


  • Why can't 8GB u disk pack 4G hd movies?

    Abstract: the storage capacity of the usb flash disk sent by the customer is 8GB, and there is no problem with the test. Now there is a little more than 5GB of capacity after using 2G in the usb flash


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