Why can't 8GB u disk pack 4G hd movies?

2018-08-23 17:06:59

Abstract: the storage capacity of the usb flash disk sent by the customer is 8GB, and there is no problem with the test. Now there is a little more than 5GB of capacity after using 2G in the usb flash disk. I am going to put a high-definition 4G movie in the usb flash disk of this giveaway.

Today, met a new problem, small make up a customer send u disk capacity is 8 gb, capacity has been tested there is no problem, now in use the capacity of 2 g with a little more than 5 gb, ready to this gift u disk 4 g of hd movie in it, how the results are put outfit, prompted said disk is full.

Our first reaction to this question was whether there was something wrong with the usb drive itself, but since we have stressed that there is no problem with the usb drive itself, we can only find other reasons. U disk factory engineer: that is, u disk itself only supports files below 4G.

At this time, we only need to modify the u disk system is OK.

The specific methods are as follows:

1. First, copy the files in the partition to be changed into NTFS, that is, copy them to other places

2. Right click the partition in the computer (my computer), such as D disk in the picture below, and then select format

3. Change the file system to NTFS, and select formatting (after formatting all files in this partition will be cleared, so be sure to make a backup of step 1!)

The maximum single file supported by FAT32 is 4G, so once the single file exceeds 4G, the capacity will be indicated.

While NTFS is designed to replace FAT32, a single file with a maximum capacity of 64G is sufficient for the time being. After all, a single file with more than 64G can be said to be very, very rare.

So, the only advantage of FAT32 over NTFS is that it is very compatible with Windows98

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