Development of LED chest lamp scheme development of single chip microcomputer

2021-11-29 17:35:08

LED advertising lamp LED shoe lamp LED badge lamp scheme development

Professional LED English billboard, English chest lamp program development!

The lamp board can be made into hard lamp board and soft lamp board, and can be applied to various scenes, such as chest lamp, shoelace lamp, backpack lamp, red wine bottle, automobile billboard and eye lamp! Mass shipment!

LED light plate scheme composed of 7 * 40 light beads:

1. Display pixel: 7 * 40 points,

2. Display language: English, numbers, symbols

3. Function: 6 English sentences are stored by default, and up to 10 messages can be stored (messages can be edited online)

4. Remote control functions: edit information, switch information, change display speed, display mode, display brightness, etc; Level 9 speed and brightness adjustment, that is, the text display speed can be fast or slow, dark or bright; Multiple display modes are available for selection;

5. You can customize and develop rolling patterns, rolling characters and rolling scenes! In addition, RGB colorful scheme can be developed!