Working principle and application scope of LED stage lamp scheme development

2021-11-29 16:06:39 hongling

Working principle and application scope of LED stage lamp scheme development

This paper introduces the development of LED stage lamp scheme, which is a stage lighting lamp. It is a new type of lighting, which uses LED beads as light source to be applied to stage lighting. According to the needs of the scene, there are stage performance, stage lighting, stage decoration and effect.

Led stage lights have rich colors. Red, green and blue can be mixed with 16.7 million different colors. Low power consumption, low driving voltage, high luminous efficiency and energy saving. No radiation, no ultraviolet. The service life is long, and the theoretical service life can reach 100000 hours.

Working principle and application scope of LED stage lamp scheme development

Led stage light

working principle

The working principle of the stage light controller is relatively simple. It is mainly that when the pressure in the system is higher or lower than the rated pressure, the disc in the sensor moves immediately, and the switch connector rod is opened or closed by connecting the guide rail. When the pressure drops or rises to the rated recovery value, the valve disc will reset immediately and the switch will reset automatically, or only when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element will shift and push the switching element directly or after comparison.

Change the on-off state of the switching element to control the measured pressure. The elastic elements used in stage lamps include single coil spring tubes, diaphragms, bellows and bellows.


① It can make the audience clearly see the actor's performance and the lighting performance of the scenery;

② Guide the audience's line of sight;

③ Create characters, emphasize emotion and show stage fantasy;

④ Create the space environment needed in the game;

⑤ Change the atmosphere in the game;

⑥ Show the changes of time and space, highlight the contradictions and conflicts of drama, enhance the rhythm of the stage and enrich the sense of art. Sometimes it will cooperate with stage stunts.


Led stage light

Application scope

It is usually used for large-scale stage performances, evening parties, concerts, outdoor performances, urban lighting projects, architectural decoration, pattern lamps, lanterns, magic lamps and chrysanthemum lamps. It is often used in indoor performances and entertainment places, such as bars, discotheques, song and dance halls, KTV rooms, etc. Decorative effects, lamp strips, lamp strips, flash lights, starry curtains, etc. are usually used for festival decoration, architectural decoration, stage performance decoration, etc.