Intelligent Bracelet development scheme

2021-11-29 14:11:54

Intelligent Bracelet development scheme

Smart bracelet is a kind of wearable intelligent device, which is a scientific and technological product of great concern at present. At present, smart bracelets have the functions of recording movement data, movement trajectory and positioning in daily life. Some can also detect sleep quality and transmit these data to mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, which can analyze the data and guide healthy life. The development scheme of intelligent bracelet is to realize these functions and burn the algorithm on the main control board.

Intelligent Bracelet development scheme

What are the functions of smart bracelets

1. Record motion data

For users who like fitness, the motion data function recorded by the smart bracelet is a good function. Fitness enthusiasts buy smart bracelets for this function. They hope that the more detailed this function is, the better. The smart bracelet has a built-in high-precision sensor, which can distinguish different sports types by sensing acceleration and matching the algorithm, And according to different types of exercise to estimate the calories consumed, the data is more accurate.

2. Record movement track and positioning function

The GPS positioning function combines the software and hardware technology to realize the motion trajectory detection. By connecting with the mobile terminal of the mobile phone, it can realize the trajectory recording of the motion scene, view the motion distance and real-time positioning information.

3. Sleep monitoring function

The sleep monitoring function of the smart Bracelet includes deep sleep, light sleep, interruption and other modes. The smart bracelet will record these data during sleep at night, and transmit these data to the mobile terminal equipment for data analysis, accurately judge the sleep quality and put forward reasonable sleep suggestions to users.

4. Intelligent reminder function

After the smart bracelet is connected to the mobile app, you can set important event reminders in the reminder function of the mobile app to ensure that you don't miss anything. After connecting with the mobile phone, you can receive SMS, call reminder and other messages even if the mobile phone is not around.

From the simple step counting function at the beginning to the integration of GPS positioning, recording motion data, intelligent reminder and other functions, the smart bracelet is still in the stage of rapid development. In the future, more and more functions will converge on the bracelet, bringing more convenience to our time.

Intelligent Bracelet development scheme