Fandou smart Bracelet Bluetooth solution

2021-11-26 19:12:25

Smart Bracelet Bluetooth solution

As a wearable device, smart bracelet is the most popular product in the wearable market. In the design scheme, high cost performance, small volume and low power consumption are the three key elements. The use of smart Bracelet Bluetooth solution can double the life time of the bracelet and reduce the power consumption by half.

In the era of Internet of things, the connection between things has become a trend. Bluetooth, as a short-range communication technology, is also playing a more and more important role. The short-range low-power Bluetooth module has been widely used in smart home devices, wearable devices and other scenarios.

The functions of the smart Bluetooth module in the smart bracelet are mainly reflected in the real-time reminder functions such as incoming call reminder, SMS reminder, e-mail reminder, wechat QQ, microblog and other app push. This requires that the mobile phone Bluetooth is always on and kept at a certain distance from the bracelet. If it is far away, the smart Bracelet cannot receive the reminder in time because it can not sense the existence of the mobile phone.

Smart Bracelet Bluetooth solution

The Bluetooth module also has an important intelligent Bluetooth loss prevention function. Put the bracelet on the children and in the suitcase. When the distance between the mobile phone and the bracelet exceeds a certain range, the mobile phone will give an alarm - your little cute may be gone. Little fairies who like self photographing, your welfare is coming. The remote Bluetooth remote photographing function of the smart bracelet can remotely take self photographing on the mobile phone by pressing the bracelet button, and you can be beautiful without a beauty camera.

Users who like fitness and health preservation can synchronize the bracelet with the mobile phone through Bluetooth technology, open the app to connect the bracelet to realize data synchronization, calculate the calories consumed, and transmit the sleep monitoring data to the mobile phone to analyze the sleep quality and help users improve their physical quality.

Smart Bracelet Bluetooth solution

Smart bracelets can realize various functions and are suitable for various occasions. They are small in size and light in weight. With the blessing of Bluetooth module technology, they bring us a lot of convenience in use. For post-90s young people, smart bracelets are quite competitive and attractive among many smart wearable devices. At present, many smart bracelets have simple design styles, It can play a decorative role, in line with modern people's aesthetics, and has attracted many post-90s consumers.

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