How to maintain and care Bluetooth headset

2021-11-29 14:06:44

Bluetooth headset

1: For the first use, try to charge the headset for 2-4 hours. After that, it can be charged for 2 hours each time. Too long charging time will directly lead to aging or even burning of the machine circuit board.

2: Turn off the headset before putting it in your pocket or bag to avoid accidentally pressing the headset function key. Waste unnecessary power.

3: Do not touch the headset with sharp objects, which will cause scratches or damage; Don't insert any small objects into the headset, which will damage the parts inside. So don't put it in your pocket after use. It's best to put it in a small bag alone.

4: Do not expose the headset to liquid or wet places. It is best to clean the headset surface with neutral solvent.

5: If you do not use the headset for a long time, please make sure it is placed in a dry place. If it is placed for more than one month, it should be charged on time to ensure the working performance of the battery and headset, and keep it away from places with large temperature changes and dust.

6: Don't put the earphone in a place where magnetic resonance is easy to form, such as a TV or near a magnet.

7: Do not expose the headset to open fire to avoid explosion hazard.

8: Do not attempt to remove the headphones by yourself.

How to maintain and care Bluetooth headset