Is Bluetooth headset harmful to ears?

2021-11-29 16:35:20

Is Bluetooth headset harmful to ears?

As far as the radiation of Bluetooth headset is concerned, it has no obvious damage to the human body. Although Bluetooth headset does not directly eliminate the radiation of mobile phone, it separates the radiation pollution from the human body through Bluetooth headset, so as to avoid the possible hazards of mobile phone to the human body. The radiation value of Bluetooth headset is only one tenth of that of mobile phone, which can be ignored and can be used safely.

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However, as far as the earphone itself is concerned, long-term wearing does some damage to the body. For long-term use of earphones to answer calls or music, because the eardrum is very close to the earphone vibrator, the sound wave transmission range is small and concentrated, and the stimulation to the auditory nerve of the eardrum is relatively large, which is easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, hard of hearing, etc; If you listen continuously for several or even more hours, you may also have sudden deafness.

Earplugs can cause chronic irritation to the external auditory canal and cause ear inflammation; In addition, if you wear headphones for too long, your spirit will always be in a state of tension, which is not conducive to your health.

Therefore, long-term use of headphones should be avoided, and Bluetooth is no exception. For example, it should be intermittent and the sound should not be too loud. If you just hear clearly, you should not listen in a noisy place with many people, so you will increase the volume because you can't hear clearly. It is recommended to wear only one earphone and change the other ear for a period of time, which will reduce the impact on hearing.

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Introduction to Bluetooth headset:

Bluetooth headset is a small device based on Bluetooth technology. You can talk freely only by hiding this lightweight device next to the headset without directly using communication devices (mobile phone, computer, etc.). Bluetooth headset is to apply Bluetooth technology to hands-free headset, so that users can avoid the shackles of annoying wires and easily talk in various ways. Since the advent of Bluetooth headset, it has been a good tool for mobile business people to improve efficiency.