Clerk voice recording client

2021-11-29 14:05:12 hongling

Clerk voice recording client

1. Integrated intelligent interrogation background management, interrogation process control and processing, conference archiving and local printing.

▲ 2. Electronic records are stored and managed centrally to realize the resource pool of interrogation electronic records.

3. User management function: user management and permission management must be supported.

4. Trial transcript template function: it must support trial transcript template addition, template modification, template customization and other functions.

5. Scheduling function: the system must support users and staff to make rational use of the interrogation record system according to the scheduling.

★ 6. Real time recording function: it must support the real-time voice transcription function of interrogation records, and the transcription results can be easily modified and automatically distinguish speech roles.

7. Role separation function: the role separation function must be supported to distinguish the voice and text correspondence of different personnel.

8. Record proofreading function: the system must support selecting a trial in the record proofreading list and double clicking to enter the record proofreading interface. When recording errors are found during proofreading, they can be modified.

9. Archiving function: it must support record saving and archiving (Note: records cannot be changed after archiving).

10. Database backup function: for important data, the system must support the function that the database content can be backed up automatically and manually.

11. Local video playback function: it must support the associated playback of video and conference information, and can export the records in the CD when the conference or linkage equipment is burned.