Development of PCBA MCU for Punch Control Board

2020-12-28 18:25:50

When the motor speed is less than 10 times per minute, the digital tube displays the current motor speed; when the speed is greater than 10 times per minute, the digital tube displays the current motor angle (0~360 degrees).

The main performance is as follows:

1. Power-off storage function, if the device is unexpectedly power-off, it can normally display the working status before power-off after power-on;

2. MODBUS communication indicator, Z-axis phase reset indicator, MCU work indicator, can intuitively judge the working status of the display board and improve the efficiency of troubleshooting;

3. Power protection function to avoid burning out other peripheral equipment;

4. The high-performance MCU has good anti-interference and high communication stability to avoid misdisplay of angle and speed.

5. Dip switch function to improve versatility, in order to adapt to the new generation of inverters and equipment of various brands, and facilitate future product upgrades or cost reductions (replacement of more cost-effective inverters);

6. The mature DCDC power conversion scheme is adopted, which has higher stability and reliability; it avoids the phenomenon of burning the touch screen

7. Through high and low temperature aging experiments, continuous working stability is reliable.

8. Strengthen the anti-interference ability of external equipment to the display board, and avoid display instability as much as possible;

9. Improved the fluency of the angle LED display, giving customers a more comfortable experience