Development of press control board PCBA single chip microcomputer

2021-11-27 10:33:43

MCU development | PCBA | punch control board

When the motor speed is less than 10 times per minute, the nixie tube displays the current motor speed; When the speed is greater than 10 times per minute, the nixie tube displays the current motor angle (0 ~ 360 degrees).

The main performances are as follows:

1. Power off storage function, in case of accidental power off of the equipment, the working state before power off can be displayed normally after power on;

2. Modbus communication indicator, z-axis phase reset indicator and MCU working indicator can intuitively judge the working condition of the display board and improve the troubleshooting efficiency;

3. Power protection function to avoid burning other peripheral equipment;

4. High performance MCU has good anti-interference, high communication stability and avoids misdisplay of angle and speed.

5. Dial switch function to improve universality. In order to adapt to the new generation of frequency converters and equipment of various brands, it is convenient for the factory to upgrade products in the future or reduce costs (replace frequency converters with higher cost performance);

6. Mature DCDC power conversion scheme is adopted, which has higher stability and reliability; The phenomenon of burning the touch screen is avoided

7. Through high and low temperature aging test, the continuous working stability is reliable.

8. The anti-interference ability of external equipment to the display board is strengthened to avoid the instability of display as much as possible;

9. It improves the fluency of angle LED display and gives customers a more comfortable use experience