Development of control board scheme for spraying machine

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Technical parameters of spraying machine control board development and R & D scheme design company

Maximum output pressure: 0.6 (n / s)

Power: 750 (W)

Power: 0.83 (W)

Processing customization: Yes

Mechanical rigidity: rigidity

Number of layers: double and single

Base material: Copper

Insulating material: organic resin

Insulation thickness: conventional board

Flame retardant characteristics: VO board

Processing technology: calendered foil

Reinforcing material: glass fiber cloth base

Insulating resin: epoxy resin (EP)

Product nature: hot sale

Marketing mode: manufacturer direct selling

Marketing price: preferential

Scope of application: all kinds of color paints, lacquers, enamel, emulsion paint, interior and exterior wall coatings, oil-based and water-based paints.

Air classification of spraying machine control panel development and R & D scheme design company

1. It is mainly divided into air spraying machine, high-pressure airless spraying machine, air assisted airless spraying equipment, low flow medium pressure spraying equipment, airless spraying machine, high-efficiency low-pressure spraying machine and electrostatic spraying machine.

2. Classified by performance: plunger type, fuel type, trolley type, pneumatic type, electric type and plunger diaphragm composite type.

3. Classified according to the manufacturing principle: plunger spraying machine and plunger diaphragm composite spraying machine.

Characteristics and advantages of spraying machine control board development and R & D scheme design company

1. The paint film is of good quality, and the coating is smooth and fine without brush marks.

2. High construction efficiency, which is about 10 times the efficiency of traditional manual roller brush.

3. The coating has strong adhesion and prolongs the service life of the coating. The coating particles penetrate into the wall under high pressure, which enhances the mechanical bite force between the coating particles and the wall. The coating is denser and the service life of the coating is longer;

4. It is applicable to a wide range of coating viscosity. It can be sprayed with ordinary coatings with low viscosity and high viscosity coatings, so as to obtain thicker paint film and reduce the number of times;

5. Without air atomization, the paint mist is less dispersed, the spraying degree of the coating is higher, the amount of diluent is reduced, and the pollution to the environment is reduced;

6. It is easy to operate, and the spray amplitude, spray type and flow can be adjusted arbitrarily, saving more than 50% of materials than traditional air spraying.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different spraying machine control boards, different use environments and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration certificate.

As long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to realize the functions you want.

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