Oil pump controller, oil pump control board, oil pump control system, electric oil pump controller, centralized lubrication circuit board atp-2100wc

2021-11-29 16:38:16

Oil pump controller oil pump control board

Oil pump control system electric oil pump controller centralized lubrication circuit board atp-2100wc

Atp-2100 oil pump controller is a 0.36 inch double digital display LED screen, which can set the operation time and stop time of the lubrication system respectively. Timing control through a new generation of microcomputer chip has the advantages of convenient setting, digital display, high timing accuracy and good reliability.

1、 Function introduction

1. When the controller is started, execute the lubrication time timer T1 first.

2. The running time T1 (seconds) and the stop time T2 (minutes) can be set.

3. When the oil pump is running or stopped, it is displayed with green and red LED indicators.

4. Low liquid level detection.

5. Manual refueling function

6. Transformer step-down mode, stable and reliable operation

7. Applicable to electromagnetic pump and gear pump

2、 Detailed introduction to technical parameters and functions

1. The operation and stop time of the lubrication system can be set by itself, and the setting range is:

Running time T1: 1-999 seconds (factory original value: 10 seconds), clock countdown count, and green LED (run) is on;

Stop time T2: 1-999 minutes (factory original value 10 minutes), clock countdown count, and red LED is on;

2. Normal working state of oil pump controller: the controller works in a cyclic manner according to the mode of oil pump motor running T1, oil pump running motor → oil pump motor stopping T2 → oil pump running motor T1 →.

3. The system gives an alarm under the following conditions, flashes abnormally and beeps.

① The liquid level port is a normally open point. When the oil level of the oil tank is too low, the right LED display shows ero, accompanied by the beeping sound of the buzzer.

② Alarm release: after the oil tank is filled, the float switch is reset, the controller is automatically reset, and the alarm is automatically released.

4. Manual refueling: press the S4 manual key, and the system will enter the manual refueling state. The clock timing counts 1, 2, 3..... ~ 998999, and the green light is on. After counting to 999s, the refueling time will not be displayed, and the LED screen will always display 999. During this period, if you release the S4 manual key, the manual refueling will be terminated, and the system will automatically enter the cyclic working state of T1 and T2 stop.

5. Buzzer: in case of abnormal alarm, the buzzer beeps... Continuously sounds until the low liquid level alarm is released;

6. Input AC mains 220VAC and output control 220VAC motor.

7. Setting method of liquid level function:

① Close the liquid level function: when the oil pump presses S2 key for a long time during the running time or stop time, the left LED digital tube displays no, the right digital tube displays ero, and the combined display of no ero indicates that the float liquid level is shielded.

② Liquid level function on: when the oil pump presses the S2 key for a long time during the operation time or stop time, the digital screen on the right displays ero, indicating that the liquid level is turned on, and the system detects the float signal.

Application method of atp-2100 double digital display LED screen timer:

For setting the running time, press and hold S1 "set" key for 3 seconds to enter the running time setting state, and the green LED indicator is always on. At this time, the 3-digit led on the right displays the factory working time value. Press S2 key (increase) and S3 key (decrease) to change the value, and briefly press S1 key to select ten hundred bits of the clock (the selected bits flash).

After long pressing S1 to set, it will enter the stop time setting state, and the red LED indicator is always on. At this time, the 3-bit led on the left displays the factory stop time value. Press S2 (increase) and S3 (decrease) to change the value, and short press S1 to select ten hundred bits of the clock (the selected bits flash).

Briefly press the S4 key to confirm the setting, and the data will be written into the memory. (if there is no key operation within 10 seconds during the setting process, this setting is invalid. The previous setting will be automatically restored.) the oil pump controller will enter into operation when it is connected to AC220V, and the time cycle will be set by T1 operation and T2 stop state.