Character separation microphone

2021-11-29 14:02:46 hongling

Character separation microphone

1. The built-in role separation algorithm can isolate the voices of suspects and investigators independently, and provide two independent audio channels to the speech recognition system for speech recognition, or for voiceprint comparison, speech emotion analysis, etc.

2. Speech direction indicator: when different people speak, the indicator will change different colors to indicate that the suspect or case handler is speaking.

3. Built in Speaker: used to broadcast laws and regulations to suspects after speech synthesis.

Array unit: 4mems microphone array

Sampling rate: 16KHz

Sampling depth: 16 bits

Effective frequency response range: 100hz-8khz

Output interface: USB

Output channel: dual channel

Limited range of speech recognition: within 5m

Sensitivity: ≥ 50mV / PA

Local noise level: ≤ 30dB

Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 50dB