What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three sports Bluetooth headsets

2021-11-27 10:15:46

An employee of our company who likes running as a hobby will wear different headphones for running, and try to tell you the difference between the three headphones with his personal experience. Each run covers the road near the editorial office, with a distance of about 4-6km, and the temperature is close to 30 degrees.

Sports Bluetooth headset

First of all, ordinary back hanging earplugs are used. This back hanging earplug is a common form of sports earphones at present. Common brands such as AKG, Sennheiser and, and the earplugs on both sides are connected by a rubber handle around the back of the head. The advantage of this earphone is that it is firm to wear and will not affect your coquettish hairstyle. The pig mouth in ear type can maintain a certain sound insulation ability. In the actual running process, the disadvantage of this earplug is that there is great pressure at the ear hook, and the sound insulation ability is standard. For the car coming behind, the sound can be detected earlier, and there is no stethoscope effect.


Advantages - light weight and low price

Disadvantages: poor comfort.

The second is the headset. The test headset is specially designed for sports. It is also the only headset for sports on the market. This is also because the general headset is not suitable for strenuous sports. This product is also designed with lightweight and waterproof. The only problem with this earphone is that it will be a little uncomfortable when you first wear it, because few earphones will use this water absorbing and fast drying fiber as an ear pad (commonly used in schoolbag straps), which will be a little stiff in touch. After getting used to it, I don't feel much, because the head beam is soft rubber. Jogging won't feel loose at all, which is difficult to do with other headphones.


Benefits - lightweight, no impact on running (evaluation only)

Disadvantages: the price is not popular enough.

At present, there have been Bluetooth headsets specially used for sports. This time, a relatively old model is selected. At present, brands of similar products include binteli and Jabra. Most of the design shapes are ear hanging type. Ordinary in ear type like Bentley backbeatgo2 is not common, because it will have stethoscope effect. The actual test of this Bluetooth headset is very comfortable. Although it has a built-in battery, it is perfectly compatible with IOS and Android systems (it can adjust the volume and switch tracks at the same time). The disadvantage is that the battery life is required to be low, and occasionally there is a low battery prompt in the middle of running.


Advantages - in terms of operation, it is compatible with mobile phones of different systems and the constraints of wireless cables.

Disadvantages: poor endurance

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three sports Bluetooth headsets