Songhan sn8p2612 (20 feet)

2021-11-29 15:41:39

Sn8p2612 is an 8-bit MCU with RISC like system, which has the characteristics of high performance and low power consumption. 1t (an instruction cycle is a clock cycle) structure, 16mips computing power. In addition, the high EFT performance makes it suitable for high interference industrial environment. The IC structure of sn8p2612 is first-class, including 2K word program memory (OTP ROM), 64 byte data memory (RAM), two 8-bit timing counters (T0, tc0), a watchdog timer, three interrupt sources (T0, tc0, INT0), one channel PWM output (pwm0), one channel buzzer output (bz0) and four layers of stack buffer. Sn8p2612 also provides four different oscillator modes to the system as the system clock: including high / low speed crystal oscillator / ceramic resonator and cheap RC oscillator. In addition, sn8p2612 also includes an internal 16mhz RC oscillator as the system clock and an internal low-frequency RC oscillator controlled by a program as the system clock in low-speed mode.

Working voltage: 2.4V ~ 5.5V (FOSC = 4MHz)

ROM:2K * 16 bits

RAM:64 * 8 bits

4-layer stack buffer

Bidirectional I / O ports: P0, P1, P5

Ports triggered by level change: P0, P1

External interrupt source: P0

An internal interrupt source: INT0

Two internal interrupt sources: T0, tc0

Built in watchdog timer

Internal high speed clock: 16mhz RC oscillator

External high-speed clock: Crystal maximum 16mhz

Internal low speed clock: RC oscillator, 16KHz / 3V, 32kHz / 5V

A clock cycle is an instruction cycle

Most instruction cycles are just one clock cycle

The table lookup function (MOVC) can address the entire ROM area