Development of control board scheme for self-service car washing machine

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Technical parameters of self-service car washing machine control board development and R & D scheme design company

1. Injection pressure: 1-8 (MPA)

2. Range: 5 (m)

3. Water volume: 10 ~ 15L / vehicle

4. Water absorption height: 200 (mm)

5. Maximum power: 6kw

6. Standby power: < 20W

7. Working mode: unattended

8. Working voltage: 220V / 50Hz

9. Working temperature: - 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

10. Working humidity: < 90%

Function description of self-service car washing machine control board development and R &amp; D scheme design company

1. water pressure system: a multi liquid proportional diffluence apparatus is used to achieve dual functions of one gun, that is, two functions of clean water and foam cleaning. One button switching, easy to operate.

2. Charging system: charge by calculating the car washing time. There are two consumption methods: 1. Brush the inductive IC card; 2. Put in hard currency.

The advantage of using brush induction IC card is that it avoids the phenomenon of poor contact caused by long-term use of contact IC card, and has the characteristics of high requirements for use environment. Inductive IC card is less affected by the environment and has low failure rate.

When using the coin dispenser, the safety of the coin dispenser is high, and it does not eat counterfeit coins. The smoothness and accuracy of coin insertion are very high. Counterfeit coins can be identified by weight and volume, with high sensitivity.

3. Display system: the amount is displayed. The amount is displayed with six decimal places. The coin amount confirmed by the car washing machine computer is displayed when the coin is inserted, and the balance in the card is displayed when the card is swiped. When working, the remaining amount will be displayed at different speeds according to different started work.

4. Operating system: put a dollar coin into the coin slot, or swipe the purchased VIP card once in the card swiping area. At this time, the amount invested or the balance in the card will be displayed in the amount display area.

Customers can choose the starting and switching corresponding car wash function (water washing and foam cleaning) according to their own needs.

After selecting the cleaning method on the operation panel, lift the pressure water gun to clean your car at will, turn on the water gun and start the machine; The water gun stops and the machine stops.

5. Case shell: the car washer adopts 1.7mm thick galvanized plate. The case surface is specially treated to prevent corrosion, making the equipment safer and stronger.

6. Abnormal self inspection: when a fault occurs during the operation of the machine, the machine can be self inspected through the control system, and the inspection results can be converted into corresponding fault codes and displayed on the control panel. The cause of the fault can be easily found and eliminated through the fault code comparison table in the manual.

7. Anti theft system: the chassis adopts the most advanced T-type anti prying lock in China, and adopts a threaded rotating structure, which is more secure. There are four fixing screws at the bottom of the machine, which is more anti-theft.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different self-service car washing machine control boards, different use environments and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration certificate.

As long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to realize the functions you want.

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