Intelligent voice remote control is becoming a popular remote control

2021-11-27 10:23:48 admin

Intelligent voice remote control is becoming a popular remote control

Voice is not only a way to access set-top box game information, it can also better surpass the old-fashioned operation mode of pressing buttons on the remote control.

For the case that the intelligent voice remote controller can be used with the set-top box, only a few intelligent remote controller manufacturers can do it. Shuanglinfeng intelligent voice remote controller has also been listed as the best remote controller abroad. For shuanglinfeng intelligent voice search remote controller, it can provide good services for foreign users, So far, it is roughly estimated that nearly 80 million intelligent voice remote controls have been provided to customers. Once customers have an intelligent voice remote control, they will start to use it, mainly because the intelligent voice remote control can provide convenient and fast operation methods.

For the data of intelligent voice search and viewing of the Winter Olympic Games, some institutions have established a special home page, which can access real-time TV programs and catch-up videos arranged according to sports competitions. There is also a daily summary of the game and other data, including medal counts by country. It even provides specific information for each athlete.

These athlete summaries have proven to be very popular among voice users, and some obvious competitors can obtain the most popular profiles. So far, the number of voice requests is the largest, with 3000 voice queries per minute.