PCBA control board of straightener, PCBA control board of curler, PCBA control board of depilator and PCBA control board of beauty instrument

2021-11-29 17:25:40

PCBA control board of straightener, PCBA control board of curler, PCBA control board of depilator and PCBA control board of beauty instrument

Function introduction: curling and straightening dual-purpose hairdresser control board, LDE displays the temperature

Intelligently adjust the temperature of each gear, with the maximum temperature of 230 ℃ and automatic hair curling function. Special plate for spiral curling and straightening hair dryer.

Touch type straight hair comb control board straightener control board scheme straight hair comb circuit board straightener circuit board

Function introduction: touch LCD straight hair comb, stepless temperature adjustment

It has hair care and hair care functions, rapid temperature rise and intelligent power-off protection.

4 light straight hair splint control board imported straight hair comb splint temperature control board straightener circuit board scheme

Function Description: LED light control display, single key cycle control gear adjustment function, temperature range is 140 ℃ 160 ℃ 180 ℃ 200 ℃

Straight hair comb control board hair curler circuit board negative ion straight hair control board scheme

1: Power supply: 110V / 220V 50Hz / 60Hz general purpose

2: Bidirectional thyristor bt137 output is adopted;

3: Temperature gear: 5 gears in total, corresponding to the following table:







one hundred and fifty

one hundred and seventy

one hundred and ninety

two hundred and ten

two hundred and thirty


three hundred

three hundred and forty

three hundred and eighty

four hundred and ten

four hundred and fifty

Maximum temperature range: constant temperature is about 190 degrees; The specific temperature shall be subject to the actual measurement by the client;

4: Operating instructions:

Open key:

A. Press and hold 2S switch; After power on, short press to set the temperature file and cycle the display

Anion Bond:

A. Short press the switch negative ion, which is not controlled by the switch; When the negative ion is turned on, the key light is on, otherwise it is off

Press and hold two keys 2S at the same time to switch the Fahrenheit and Celsius display

5: Display Description:

After power on, it is displayed in the default gear and heated. In case of no power failure, the default gear for startup is the temperature gear at the last shutdown, otherwise the default gear is 150 ℃; Each time you press the key to set the gear, the gear indication flashes 3 times (the flashing frequency is 1Hz) before confirming to turn to the current gear; Turn to the current gear before heating with the current set gear. After the gear is set successfully, it flashes when the temperature is not reached (the flashing frequency is 1Hz), and it is always on when the temperature is reached.

6: Automatically shut down after 25 minutes of startup; (negative ions are only controlled by negative ion bonds)

7: NTC fault detection:

When NTC is open or short circuited, LCD displays "err" alarm and turns off heating; Short circuit will give an alarm immediately, open circuit will start up and warm up for about 10s before giving an alarm;

The above related parameters are sample parameters. You can customize the functions and temperatures you need if necessary.