Development of single chip microcomputer for breath alcohol tester

2021-11-26 19:04:58

Respiratory alcohol tester is a unique and mature expiratory alcohol concentration tester. The breathing alcohol tester uses the changes of semiconductor electrical characteristics of the sensor to detect the alcohol concentration. It uses self-developed new ceramic materials and catalytic technology to analyze the alcohol concentration in exhalation with high selectivity. The sensor only reacts with alcohol, and is not susceptible to the interference of many other gases (such as smoking and food taste) like other general semiconductor sensors.

Characteristics of breath type alcohol tester

*Cutting edge alcohol sensor technology: it adopts the newly improved patented high selectivity semiconductor sensor, which only reacts with alcohol and has stronger anti-interference ability

*Blowing detection technology: discontinuous and stable blowing will give an alarm

*Calibration and inspection technology: it can check the accuracy by itself to ensure reliable measurement

*Dual color LCD display, 3-digit display, and operation prompt tone

*Test results: more accurate, more stable and more reliable

*Short preheating and response time: preheating for 20 seconds and response for 3-5 seconds

*Fast recovery: a complete measurement takes only 30 seconds

*Long sensor life: more than 3000 tests

*Hygiene test: the mouthpiece can be replaced to avoid cross infection

*New appearance design: compact, lightweight, elegant and shiny titanium alloy coating

*When the battery or vehicle power supply works, it will automatically shut down and low battery prompt