Scheme design of alarm control board

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Technical parameters of alarm control panel scheme design and development company:

1. Ambient temperature range: - 10 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ (indoor type)

2. Temperature range: < 95%

3. Input voltage range: ac180-270v / 50Hz DC12V

4. Storage temperature range: - 25 ℃ ~ 55 ℃

5. Pressure limit: 86 ~ 105kpa

6. Power consumption: static power consumption < 2W, dynamic power consumption < 3W

Function introduction of alarm control board scheme design and development company

1. Turn on the power supply. At this time, the green light and alarm are in the preheating state and cannot carry out normal detection

After 2.3-4 minutes, the alarm enters the normal working state

3. If the alarm sounds for a long time and the yellow indicator light remains on for a long time, it indicates that the sensor can not work normally at this time

4. When giving an alarm, the red light flashes and the alarm gives an alarm sound of "didi". For the alarm with control function, the voltage or on-off signal will be output 10 seconds after giving an alarm to control the corresponding equipment.

The above configuration information is for reference. Our company can make matching parameters according to different alarm control boards, different use environments and different functional requirements, and can issue hardware configuration certificate.

As long as you put forward the functional requirements of the product, or even just an idea, we can design the control circuit of the product according to your requirements to realize the functions you want.

Alarm control board scheme design and development company

The services provided include: control board development and processing; Electronic product development; PCB design; PCB copy proofing and mass production; Function modification; Line improvement; Chip decryption; Post welding processing, etc.

Service areas include: electronic; electrician; Toys; Gifts and crafts; Automobile; Lighting; Digital appliances; Refrigeration and heat transfer; Mechanics; Medical treatment, etc.

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