Intelligent remote control scheme

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Intelligent remote control scheme

Solution Outline

Intelligent remote control, whatever you want

The intelligent remote controller scheme uses wireless protocols such as ble, 2.4G, RF4CE and WiFi to control the TV or set-top box, and integrates voice,

New functions such as empty mouse and touch can improve users' comfort and realize modern and comfortable life experience.

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

Dusun intelligent remote control scheme takes wireless communication as the core, and adds voice

Empty mouse, touch and other functions, suitable for home TV and remote control of supporting set-top box. Dusun's remote control scheme is also at the forefront of the industry,

Therefore, Dusun intelligent remote controller is deeply loved by major TV manufacturers in the industry.

Working with objects and scenes

This scheme is mainly used for smart TV and set-top box supporting remote controller;

Common scenarios:

1. The remote control can only be used when it is aimed at the TV or set-top box;

2. In winter, I watch TV in bed and want to change channels. I don't want to go out and change channels

3. I don't turn on the light at night, but I want to search the program, but it's dark and I can't see the buttons clearly

4. It's too troublesome to always change the battery

5. Want to sing KTV at home


You only need an intelligent remote control!

Meaning and value

The use of intelligent remote control can improve the quality of life and let users enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience.

At the same time, the of intelligent remote control will also make people feel the improvement of life quality brought by technology in their daily life.

Single chip microcomputer development

Single chip microcomputer development

Function description

Function introduction

Dusun intelligent remote control scheme is based on the R & D concept of "more comfortable and simple operation for users", and the product is simple and practical,

Simple operation, including various functions: empty mouse, voice, touch and so on.

Program features

1. Ultra low power consumption: UA level static power consumption, ultra long battery life

2. Long use distance: the use distance of more than 15m meets most use scenarios. Compared with the traditional infrared remote controller, the intelligent remote controller has better directionality, does not need to aim at the TV, and can be used well in all directions.

3. A variety of novel functions: powerful voice function, more convenient to search programs; Somatosensory, empty mouse function and human-computer interaction.

4. Beautiful appearance: more suitable for modern people's aesthetics.

System composition

The intelligent remote controller is composed of wireless part, power supply part, voice and other functional blocks.

System advantages

Dusun intelligent remote control scheme is simple and convenient to use, and the product is reliable.


Compare the results of the problem points of the competitive products of Dusun products of the project

The appearance of the product is novel and comfortable. The appearance of the model product is old-fashioned. Dusun wins

Standby time, ultra-low power consumption wireless technology, ultra long battery life, high power consumption, frequent battery replacement, inconvenient charging, Dusun wins

If the signal distance is more than 15m and 10m, the signal is bad, which affects the experience and Dusun wins

The overall scheme of product performance, the product is more reliable, the coordination between various functions is not good, and the user experience is not enough. Dusun wins

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usage method

After installing the battery, use it according to the instructions, and the operation is simple

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