Smart TV super live broadcasting solution

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Smart TV super live broadcasting solution

Solution Outline

Perfect integration of smart TV and live broadcasting

Super intelligent control live broadcast solution is a solution that can perfectly integrate smart TV with radio and television live broadcast. It only needs a remote control, users are in control, and the radio and television live broadcast content is for my use

Turn complexity into simplicity, subtract from life, and make your body and mind more relaxed.

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

At present, the pain point of smart TV industry: under the traditional mode, the fragmented world and the lost users!

In the traditional mode, after switching to the set-top box source, users enter a world completely separated from smart TV. In this world, users use the remote control of the set-top box,

Unable to respond to any interaction from smart TV, such as voice calls, interactive advertising, etc. To some extent, users are lost!

Super smart control: one remote control is all done.

In this mode, there is no need to switch the source, let alone replace the remote control. Users continue to watch live broadcast content in the world of smart TV, and can also respond to any interaction from smart TV.

At this time, radio and television set-top box has become an organic part of smart TV, and a TV remote control has been completed! Under this mode, it has great operational value!

Examples of operations based on broadcast content are as follows:

1. Watch the live broadcast in another way to improve the operational value of the live broadcast content;

2. Live broadcast is associated with on-demand to guide the consumption of on-demand content;

3. Integrate the rotation into the live broadcast, and increase the display of the rotation content;

4. Program diversion / program marketing based on recommendation system;

5. In depth interaction for some popular programs;

6. Continue to watch the advertisement when you come back;

7. Expand TV advertising operation with the help of advertising supervision.

Working with objects and scenes

This scheme is mainly used for smart TV and set-top box supporting remote controller;

Common scenarios:

1. The remote control can only be used when it is aimed at the TV or set-top box;

2. In winter, I watch TV in bed and want to change channels. I don't want to go out and change channels;

3. I don't turn on the light at night, but I want to search the program, but it's dark and I can't see the buttons clearly;

4. It's too troublesome to always change the battery;

5. Want to sing KTV at home;

6. Too many remote controls to match;


All you need is a super remote control!

Meaning and value

The use of super intelligent control can improve the quality of life and let users enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience.

At the same time, super intelligent control will also make people feel the improvement of life quality brought by technology in their daily life.

Function description

Two way interaction to simplify complexity

The remote controller is required to support both Bluetooth or RF and infrared; Two way interaction with smart TV through bluetooth / RF,

The set-top box is controlled by infrared one-way; Finally, the corresponding relationship between the set-top box output channel or program and the selected channel or program on the TV is realized through EPG and local channel table.

1. Upload an "OK" command via Bluetooth to select a program / channel;

2. Transmit a channel number through Bluetooth;

3. Transmit a channel number through infrared;

4. Output the program signal of a channel.

With the TV remote control, you can watch both broadcast and video

The set-top box is controlled by the TV remote control to directly integrate the live program content broadcast by the user's set-top box into the basic service of TV content,

Users can choose program content to watch according to their preferences.

The traditional radio and television experience is greatly improved by changing the program content

It is more convenient for users to find content. The channel is accurate and the program is accurate!

Seamless switching of live and on-demand content

There is no need to switch the source, the live broadcast can be switched to on-demand, and the user experience is more extreme.

Live broadcast and rotation content integration

Radio and television live broadcasting, IPTV and TV manufacturers' rotation stations are all integrated, and users see only the content: sports, variety shows, TV dramas, etc.

Program features

1. Ultra low power consumption: UA level static power consumption, ultra long battery life

2. Long use distance: the use distance of more than 15m meets most use scenarios, and the intelligent remote controller has better directionality than the traditional infrared remote controller,

Without aiming at the TV, it can be used well in all directions.

3. A variety of novel functions: powerful voice function, more convenient to search programs; Somatosensory, empty mouse function and human-computer interaction.

4. Beautiful appearance: more suitable for modern people's aesthetics.

System advantages


Super smart control is jointly released by kukong technology and Dongsheng electronics. Kukong technology is the most professional EPG data service provider in China;

The most professional infrared code library data service provider in China. Dongsheng electronics is the most professional intelligent remote control solution provider in China; Intelligent wireless module provider.

Multiple interface interactions - making control easier

Empty mouse control: shaking the remote control can control TV programs, making human-computer interaction easier. Making on-demand TV programs faster without missing a minute.

Voice recognition: tell the remote control the live TV program you want to watch, and automatically switch to the live channel, which is more convenient and convenient.

Touch: the main interface switches more quickly, finds applications quickly and operates more conveniently.

Multi protocol communication - easier to adapt to any TV

A variety of protocols undertake various customer needs and are quickly compatible with the existing models of current customers. The standard configuration is not a problem.

Strong BSP integration capability

Quickly meet the development of TV receiver, Bluetooth, Wi Fi, and quickly support super intelligent control.

Super intelligent control -- powerful technical and data support

One click intelligent matching not only relies on logo recognition technology and related algorithms, but also relies on strong data support, which is mainly reflected in the operators of each city and

Channel list and infrared code library under each operator, which is where we have accumulated for many years

Real time program monitoring system ensures more than 99% accuracy of mainstream channels

At present, the scope of our monitoring covers all CCTV channels, satellite TV channels and CHC channels, with an accuracy of more than 99%, so as to ensure that the program progress displayed on the super live broadcast and each channel change are extremely accurate


usage method

After installing the battery, use it according to the instructions, and the operation is simple

Quick setup

One click intelligent matching greatly reduces the user's threshold!

When initializing the setting, the system will automatically locate the region where the user is located. As long as the user is sure to watch TV, aim the remote control at the set-top box,

One click intelligent matching can be started. There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process. The system automatically completes infrared code matching and channel list matching!

cooperative partner

Smart TV super live application

LETV and Youku have applied smart TV super live broadcasting scheme. Skyworth, Hisense and Konka are implementing it. Buy the experience now!