Smart home solutions

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Smart home solutions

Solution Outline

Make home life more intelligent

The smart home scheme uses advanced computer technology, network communication technology, generic cabling technology and medical electronic technology according to the principle of ergonomics,

Integrating individual needs, integrate various subsystems related to home life, such as security, lighting control, curtain control, gas valve control, information appliances, scene linkage, floor heating, health care and remote unlocking,

Health and epidemic prevention, security, etc. are organically combined, and through networked comprehensive intelligent control and management,

Realize the new home life experience of "people-oriented".

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

Dusun smart home solution is to use "sensor + smart gateway + Dusun cloud + algorithm" to focus on home security,

A set of home system assisted by alarm processing of common abnormalities in daily life. Users can simply view the basic conditions of doors and windows at home on the app

, remote unlocking and mobile phone unlocking can be realized. In case of water leakage, air leakage and fire at home, emergency treatment or notification can be made to users,

The whole system has the characteristics of convenient installation, convenient use and beautiful appearance.

Working with objects and scenes

This scheme is mainly used for home users and is also applicable to office places;

Common scenarios:

1. Illegal invasion when people are not at home;

2. When I got downstairs, I wondered if the door was closed and the window was empty. Did I run upstairs to have a look or just leave? It's so tangled

3. The water pipe burst, the faucet forgot to turn off, and the water flooded the golden mountain;

4. When you are at work, the child comes home from school, opens the door and gets home at a glance;

5. I forgot to bring the key chain when I went out. I can only wait for my family to open the door or ask someone to pry the lock

6. When a friend visits, you haven't got home yet. Do you want your friend to stand outside the door? A temporary password is so warm.

7. The elderly living alone fell at home, fell ill, became bedridden, or even died unexpectedly. As children, they don't know at all. Think about the tragedy reported on TV that the elderly living alone died 30 days before they were found;


You only need a smart home!

Meaning and value

The use of smart home system can improve life efficiency, prevent accidents and reduce losses in common theft, water, fire and gas disasters,

It can monitor the regular habits of the elderly and children and prevent some accidents. Make people feel the improvement of life quality brought by science and technology in their daily life,

A simple alarm to avoid an accidental loss, a simple reminder to convey endless love!

Function description

Safety, health, convenience, comfort, energy saving and pleasure

Dusun smart home solution is based on:

Let you enjoy the high-quality life of "safety, health, convenience, comfort, energy saving and pleasure",

Simple intelligent life, rapid possession of happiness! The product is simple and practical, easy to install and operate. It not only has the function of reminding,

Help you make quick response while notifying you at the critical time. Daily management shall be carried out in combination with frequent forgetting scenes and occasional major impact accidents at home.

The functions include: door and window condition monitoring, liquid monitoring, human body infrared detection, temperature and humidity monitoring,

Smart door lock, remote unlocking, remote camera and other functions.

Program features

1. Flexible matching: users of sensor products in all systems can match flexibly,

An intelligent center (Gateway) plus a sensor can form a minimum system, which can be customized and matched flexibly by users;

2. Multiple reminder modes: the user can select three alarm notification modes under two modes,

Users can set home mode and home mode. There are three alarm modes in each mode:

A. Message notification. B. Telephone notification. C. No interruptions.

However, in any case, in case of liquid and gas leakage, the system will open emergency measures and close the water valve or gas pipeline.

3. Easy installation: smart home security series products are very easy to install,

Users only need to paste the product in the appropriate position with 3M glue according to the instructions, and no additional wiring is required,

It is easier and simpler to change the scene and deployment area.

4. The appearance of the product is small and the standby time is long, which makes you enjoy convenience unconsciously and makes intelligence a real convenience.

5. For special scenario applications, for example, the door magnetic PIR of a room can be set to "monitoring mode",

The system will introduce a special algorithm for this group of sensors to record the behavior habits of the guardian, so as to learn the habits of the guardian,

Analyze the monitored data, and then analyze the abnormalities.

System advantages

Dusun smart home solution has simple installation and flexible product matching,

From the moment you leave home, to ensure the safety of your home, let the system complete your most tangled things,

Turn on your mobile phone and it's clear at a glance


Compare the results of the problem points of the competitive products of Dusun products of the project

There are three color choices for the appearance of the product: white, bamboo, mahogany. A single color and decoration style do not match Dusun to win

Standby time ultra low power ZigBee technology, 2030 button battery power supply, normal use can be standby for 2 years, use WiFi, BT, 433 technology, high power consumption, frequent battery replacement, inconvenient charging, Dusun wins

Gateway technology is three in one. The gateway supports ZigBee, WiFi and ble technologies at the same time. Users who add products with other protocols need to re purchase the gateway and increase the use cost. Dusun wins

The networking mode WiFi + WLAN supports one of the two at the same time, and the user's selectivity is not enough for Dusun to win

The signal distance between ZigBee 600m, ble 30mzigbee 400m and ble 15m is not good, which affects the experience and Dusun wins

Product integration Dusun starts from opening the door. Some products are relatively single, and the user's selectability is not tied or won


usage method

Please go to the official website: to download the app and operation manual. Please watch the video or refer to the installation manual for installation;

1. Sensor installation instructions and requirements; 2. Operation manual of intelligent lock; 3. Camera operation manual;

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