Development and design of hair straightener control board

2021-11-26 17:51:46 admin

Development and design of hair straightener control board and technical parameters of board copying production

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated power: 110W

Suitable for hair: dry hair

Processing customization: Yes

Mechanical rigidity: rigidity

Number of layers: double and single

Base material: FR4

Insulating material: organic resin

Insulation thickness: conventional board

Flame retardant characteristics: VO board

Processing technology: calendered foil

Reinforcing material: glass fiber cloth base

Insulating resin: epoxy resin (EP)

Product nature: hot sale

Marketing mode: manufacturer direct selling

Marketing price: preferential

Development and design of hair straightener control board functional characteristics of board copying production

1. Emit negative ions to repair dry hair;

2. Five gear * * * temperature selection;

3. Straight winding of arc heater in one;

4. Push switch, one button design, convenient switching;

Classification of hair straightener control board development and R & D scheme design companies

1. According to different heating elements, they can be divided into ceramic heating elements, PTC heating elements and MCH heating elements.

2. According to the different materials of the heating plate, it can be divided into: pure ceramic heating plate, aluminum plate sprayed with ceramic glaze on the surface, and glass-ceramic plate.

3. In terms of structure, it is generally divided into V-type and X-type.

4. According to different power supplies, it is divided into wired hair straightener and wireless rechargeable hair straightener.

5. According to the size, it can be divided into wide plate, medium plate, narrow plate and mini type.

6. According to the type of hair pulling, it can be divided into ordinary type and dry and wet type.