Colorful backlight wireless temperature and humidity weather forecast scheme

2021-11-29 15:46:55 hongling

Colorful backlight wireless temperature and humidity weather forecast scheme

Product features:

1. Typical working voltage: 3.0V

2. LCD parameters: 1 / 3 bias, 1 / 8 duty; Driving voltage 4.5V

3. The relatively simplified circuit saves peripheral components to a great extent

4. Supporting our temperature sensor rh-10k, B = 3435,1%, humidity sensor hs-03, rh-31k

5. Supporting RCC receiving modules of our company: strc638, strc668

6. Supporting RF receiving modules of our company: sr-ly08, sr1308

Main functions:

1. Level 4 weather forecast: sunny, semi sunny, overcast and rainy

2. Only five keys are required (very suitable for five key appearance products)

3. Colorful backlight function (colorful backlight lighting mode can be set and selected. When connected to DC adapter, the backlight is always on)

4. ECCC receiving format short circuit point selection: DCF / WWVB

5. Eight language display week

6. Indoor temperature, detection range: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, detection cycle: 30 seconds

7. Indoor humidity, detection range: 20% ~ 99%

8. RF has more outdoor temperature and humidity, and receives three groups of different RF signals at the same time

9. Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity change trend indication

10. Large indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, small value memory function

11. Indication of environmental comfort

12,5 minute snooze delay alarm

13. Low voltage indication function (indoor detection and outdoor reception)

14. World time zone setting

15. Daylight saving time function (DST function)

16. Moon phase function