Affordable wireless temperature and humidity weather forecast scheme

2021-11-29 15:51:07 hongling

Affordable wireless temperature and humidity weather forecast scheme

Product features:

1. Typical working voltage: 3.0V

2. LCD parameters: 1 / 3 bias, 1 / 8 duty; Driving voltage 4.5V

3. The relatively simplified circuit saves peripheral components to a great extent

4. Supporting our temperature sensor rh-10k, B = 3435,1%, humidity sensor hs-03, rh-31k

5. Supporting RCC receiving modules of our company: strc638, strc668

6. Supporting RF receiving modules of our company: sr-ly08, sr1308

7. It can be directly matched with our 315MHz and 433MHz. 868mhz, 915MHz RF receiving module

Main functions:

1. Level 4 weather forecast. Sunny, semi sunny, overcast, rainy (temperature and humidity weather forecast)

2. Select DCF / WWVB radio clock receiving format for short circuit point

3. Six languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Danish

4. Indoor temperature, test range: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, test cycle: 30 seconds

5. Indoor humidity, detection range: 20% ~ 99%

6. RF outdoor temperature / humidity: it receives three groups of different RF signals at the same time

7. The change trend of indoor and outdoor temperature is

8. Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity large / small value memory function

9. Expression of indoor environmental comfort

10. The upper and lower limit of outdoor temperature starts the emergency signal

11. Indoor temperature / humidity trend bar selection display function

12. Select single sound alarm / double sound alarm function for short circuit

Short circuit point selection of 13,5 ~ 30 minute adjustable delay alarm (only sleepy wisdom setting)

14. Low voltage indication function (indoor detection and outdoor reception)

15. LED backlight

16. World time zone setting: - 12 / 12 hour offset (DCF format) or P, m, C, e four time zone selection display (WWVB format)

17. Daylight saving time function (DST function)

18. Moon phase function

19. Humidity offset short circuit point function