What does it mean to burn headphones? How to burn headphones?

2021-11-29 13:49:11

Boiler principle:

The earphone cooker is mainly a rapid aging process of the mechanical system of the earphone. The sound generation system of the dynamic earphone is driven by the voice coil, and the diaphragm is fixed on the earphone frame. Theoretically, the diaphragm movement should be a piston (vertical) movement, which requires greater compliance of the diaphragm edge. The cooker is the cooker. Here, the diaphragm edge of the new earphone is relatively tight, The elasticity is large and the compliance is small. When you burn the earphone, you just let its edge move on, and the sound is not so tight.

As for what earphones need to be boiled, the earphone diaphragm just bought is too thick, and the sound will come out after running in for a period of time.

The cooking method is as follows:

1. Use soft music (white noise and red noise are recommended) and let the headphones soothe for 10-30 hours at a lower volume. In a group of four hours, stop for about 10 minutes before boiling.

2. Use ordinary music (except rock and dance music) to cook at medium volume for 100-200 hours, in groups of four hours, and then cook after a pause of about 10 minutes.

3. It should be noted that you can't cook continuously for a long time. The cooker pays attention to "asymptotic".

4. It's just like listening to music at ordinary times. Although it will be slower, the sound quality will gradually get better.

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What does it mean to burn headphones? How to burn headphones?