Piezoelectric heart rate monitoring pillow

2021-11-27 10:01:24

In medical diagnosis, rapid pulse measurement has developed from traditional measurement methods to multi parameter vital sign monitor and automatic pulse meter. The heart rate monitoring pillow developed and designed by huichenghe technology integrates heart rate monitoring into daily appliances with little manual operation. It is simple, fast, accurate, obtains heart rate data, real-time continuous monitoring, supports abnormal alarm and activity statistics, which can greatly reduce the work intensity of medical and nursing staff and is suitable for remote nursing in hospitals, nursing homes or families.

The pillow adopts a piezoelectric thin film sensor, uses the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric materials to work, and collects the change data of human heart rate

The sensor technology is relatively mature, high sensitivity, simple structure, reliable operation and light weight.

The pillow uploads daily measurement data from time to time through the mobile network for health analysis. In case of abnormality, it provides alarm function at the first time and automatically asks for help. It is a product especially suitable for the care of the elderly and patients.