Design scheme of fashion led dance shoes based on a8105 chip

2021-11-27 09:59:03

Scientific progress has changed all aspects of our life. Led shoes that we thought were cool before are now embedded with motion sensors and wireless Bluetooth modules, with more dynamic lighting changes. They are very suitable for young people who love fashion or hip-hop dancing. Therefore, our company has designed a fashionable led dance shoes scheme based on chip a8105

Note: scheme delivery PCBA / reference design + master control nesting, can be customized

God said to have light, so there was light in the world. Shoes said to be fashionable, so there were led dance shoes. In fact, there is nothing strange about shoes that can shine. We also saw them when we were young. We activate the light according to the pressure under people's feet. However, it will not be interesting after a few minutes of freshness, and the light also feels monotonous. But when the shoes add motion sensors and wireless Bluetooth modules, there will be many more cool functions.

For the Bluetooth dance shoes scheme, zm2481pa05 and other wireless Bluetooth modules can be developed (click "ble4.0 Bluetooth module" for details), and their advantages and characteristics are as follows:

1. Support SMT reflow soldering

2. Stable performance and high temperature resistance

3. It can be used as ble Bluetooth 4.0 product application with 2Mbps rate of about 60m

The complete set of finished PCBA used by current customers has the following characteristics:

1. Working voltage: 3.2-4.2v

2. Built in fast charging circuit

3. The mobile app displays the working status

4. Support colorful LED flash

Overview of LED dance shoes scheme:

This scheme is mainly applied to the installation of LED light band at the bottom of hip-hop board shoes, which is connected to the mobile phone through Bluetooth and controlled by the mobile phone app (supported by IOS and Android) It can realize different changes of LED light color and flashing mode, and can also support synchronous flashing and transformation with the music rhythm played on the mobile phone. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 low-power technology, it can realize ultra-low standby power consumption on dance shoes to achieve ultra-long standby time.

Functional features of LED dance shoes:

Support LED lights, RGB multiple modes, APP control and Android client, IOS and Android client, and real music rhythm.

The engineer mentioned, "dance shoe users can control the lights under their shoes through mobile phones or tablets, and their steps can also change the color of the lights. Every step of the user's feet can be recorded in real time and transmitted to the terminal device."

Cooperate with the hardware design of the customer's board and frame, the provision of APP protocol, the modification of the existing standard app logo and info according to the customer's requirements, and the adjustment of software and hardware functions in a small range.