The scheme of 2.4G cooling and heating light controller is designed based on zs6215 chip

2021-11-27 09:54:51

With the development of social economy and the promotion of the concept of intelligent lighting, the concept of intelligent lighting has also been widely spread. Therefore, more and more consumers also accept this concept, the LED lighting market also accounts for a larger proportion, and many manufacturers seize the market one after another. Therefore, a 2.4G cold and warm dimming scheme is designed based on chip zs6245

Note: the scheme delivers the finished remote controller + PCBA / reference design + master control nesting, which can cooperate with the hardware design of the customer's board and frame

Intelligent lighting has been introduced into China as early as last century. Due to the lack of wide dissemination of socio-economic and intelligent lighting concepts, it has been tepid. However, with the development of social economy and the promotion of lighting controller, more and more consumers accept this concept, and the market of LDE lighting industry is becoming more and more important. Many manufacturers have begun to seize the market and share this big cake.

For 2.4G dimming scheme, it is recommended to develop dimming module (click "2.4G wireless module" for details), and its advantages and characteristics are as follows:

1. The frequency hopping mode is active frequency hopping, with a total of 5 channels

2. The point-to-point communication distance can be more than 30m

3. IO TTL level is 3.0-3.3v 20mA, PWM output two channels, 8-bit 60K Hz

The complete set of finished PCBA used by current customers has the following characteristics:

1. Working voltage: 2.5 ~ 3.6V

2. The standby current is less than 10uA; the maximum emission current is 18ma

3. Support single panel application design to realize optimal cost application

2.4G cold and warm dimming control scheme overview:

This scheme is mainly aimed at the LED dimming light controller market to realize the cold and warm stepless dimming of LED lamps, one relay control and one special zero crossing detection pin, so as to support the functions of auxiliary light source and wall switch.

2.4G cooling and heating dimming control scheme function:

1. The remote control LED lamp system adopts 2.4G high-frequency wireless and micro touch key remote control, which has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, practical and simple function;

2. It has the functions of dimming, color matching temperature, small night light mode and so on;

3. There are "on" and "off" keys on the remote control. Press the "on" key to turn on all lights at the same time, and press the "off" key to turn off all lights at the same time; adjust the brightness (100% - 1%) and color temperature (3000-6500k) of all lights through the keys on the "Brightness" (keys around the ring) , brightness dimming and color temperature selection realize stepless adjustment, the light is more soft and delicate, and the light color change is smooth and natural;

4. The light controller is powered on, the standby power consumption of each lamp is about 0.3w, and has the state memory function (that is, when the lamp is turned off or restarted after power failure, the lamp will automatically retain the light state before power off.)

2.4G cooling and heating dimming control scheme features:

1. 2.4G RF and MCU two in one single chip design, flat dimming linearity;

2. Support auxiliary light source control;

3. Special zero crossing detection provides a zero voltage standard for the main chip to accurately control the action time of thyristor and other electronic switches,

Reduce the electromagnetic interference at the moment of switching and facilitate the application of wall switch

4. Perfect support for wall switch applications;

5. Support single panel application design to realize optimal cost application;

The dimming module of this lighting controller scheme is developed based on 2.4G single chip SOC. The electronic component is a real low-cost and highly integrated 2.4GHz wireless dimming remote controller scheme. Combined with LED dimming receiving module, it is designed for electronic consumer applications such as wireless lighting control remote controller.

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