Speech recognition audio codec host

2021-11-27 10:35:59 hongling

Speech recognition audio codec host

1. The equipment adopts standard cabinet structure design, and the thickness of the host shall not exceed 1U. The equipment is separated from the PC platform and adopts embedded operating system, which is safe, stable, simple and practical.

2. ★ the device supports more than 2 1024 * 768 video input interfaces, and has 1 VGA, 1 HDMI and 1 color difference component input interface; It has 1 channel of HDMI and 1 channel of VGA output interface, which can access standard network video stream. (provide interface proof drawing and prototype)

3. ★ it contains more than 8 channels (including 8 channels) of audio input interfaces, and the audio coding adopts AAC 48Khz sampling coding. After coding the collected audio network, it communicates with the voice service platform to realize voice transcription. At the same time, it contains more than 2 channels (including 2 channels) of audio output interfaces, and has more than 2 channels (including 2 channels) of USB2.0 interfaces. (provide interface proof diagram and prototype)

4. The equipment is equipped with two VFD information displays to display time and working status information in real time. (provide interface proof diagram and prototype)

5. ★ the equipment supports speech recognition coding. While recording the court trial, the audio is converted into text through the speech recognition platform.

6. ★ it supports network transmission and international standard TCP / IP, RTSP, onvif, H.323, RTMP and GB / t28281 protocols, which is convenient to be compatible with various audio and video systems.

7. ★ the equipment can provide web services. Users can view the equipment status in real time through the browser and operate the equipment. (provide software screenshot proof)

8. The equipment has more than 2 (including 2) 100Mbps / 1000Mbps adaptive network ports to support network expansion and application. (provide interface proof diagram and prototype)

★ 9. The voice recognition audio codec host needs to be of the same brand as the voice recognition platform to ensure the compatibility of the conference voice transcription system.