Why use red glue for patch processing?

2020-12-28 18:40:34 admin

Why use red glue for patch processing?

Patch processing adhesive is also patch processing red glue, usually red (also yellow or white) paste is evenly distributed with hardener, pigment, solvent and other adhesives, mainly used to process the patch The components are fixed on the printed board and are generally distributed by dispensing or stencil printing. After attaching the components, put them in an oven or reflow oven to heat and harden.

   SMD processing SMD glue is cured after being heated. The curing temperature of SMD processing is generally 150 degrees, and it will not melt after heating. That is to say, the thermal hardening process of SMD processing is irreversible. The effect of patch processing will vary due to thermal curing conditions, connected objects, equipment used, and operating environment. When using, the patch glue should be selected according to the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA processing) process.

   SMD processing red glue is a chemical compound whose main component is polymer material. Patch processing fillers, curing agents, other additives, etc. Patch processing red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics and so on. According to the characteristics of the red glue in the patch process, the purpose of using the red glue in production is to make the parts stick to the surface of the PCB firmly to prevent them from falling.

      Patch processing red glue is a purely consumable material, not a necessary process product. Now with the continuous improvement of surface mount design and technology, through-hole reflow soldering and double-sided reflow soldering have been implemented for patch processing. The placement process of chip processing patch adhesive is showing a decreasing trend.