Metal sports Bluetooth headset U8S

Metal sports Bluetooth headset U8S304 stainless steel metal fuselage, natural, light-weighted, cool and sound quality.Get rid of cable constraints, so perfect and good voice for you only.Fever level c

Metal sports Bluetooth headset U8S
304 stainless steel metal fuselage, natural, light-weighted, cool and sound quality.

Get rid of cable constraints, so perfect and good voice for you only.
Fever level configuration is what you want.
Every part you like is enough to amaze you. First class configuration, first class material selection, latest V4.1 technology.

Bluetooth 4.1 version, the latest Bluetooth V4.1 Technology
High quality diaphragm, hi fi stereo line
Super compatible, compatible with 99% Bluetooth devices
One machine with dual purpose, and two mobile phones are connected at the same time.
APT-X, lossless decoding
120mAh, high quality 60 Ma double battery
Waterproof, sweat proof, high density waterproof function to prevent sweat invasion.
Bluetooth phone, headset can answer the phone.
CVC noise reduction, better sound quality.

Professional sports Bluetooth headset
Wireless enjoyment of sports pleasure

Sports appearance is more comfortable.
Exquisite appearance, metal body with CD decoration, anti-skid, scratch, dirt-resistant, quite dazzling in the crowd

Professional test ergonomics design makes it fit ear comfortably, with positive and negative 20 degree rotation adjustable to the most comfortable angle

Long endurance, super standby, 120mAh large battery polymer battery, providing long-lasting endurance.
Waterproof and sweat resistant, waterproof level is IPX7
Makes no effect in many sweating scenes
Ensure headphones are normal.

During the sports season, music goes along, moves up, enjoys music, and liberate both hands.

Riding, running, yoga, skateboarding, travel

Fully compatible and perfectly matched with Bluetooth devices
Intelligent matching is stable, easy to operate, intelligently compatible with all kinds of APP and most products with Bluetooth devices in the market

True drag two functions
True drag two intelligent connection, switch the phone at any time, U8S connect two mobile phones at the same time.
It can be connected to two mobile phones at the same time. After connecting, any phone call can be answered by earphone.

3 step to achieve easy matching.
Simple three steps, easy and fast pairing
1, in the shutdown state of Bluetooth, press the multi function button until the red and blue lights flicker.
2, turn on the phone and search the Bluetooth device until the phone searches for the name of the headset device shows “U8S”.
3, after searching for “U8S”, paired links are carried out. After paired links, the functions of calling and listening to music can be realized.

Product parameters:
Product model: U8S
Bluetooth version: support Bluetooth V4.1+EDR specification. Built in A2DP function;
Chip: CSR8645
Color: multi color customizable
Operation range: forward distance 20 m, back distance 15 m.
Noise reduction: CVC6.0
Call duration: 8 hours
Voice support: support
Charging time: 2 hours.
Support agreements: A2DPV1.2, AVRCPV1.4, HSPV1.2, HFP1.6
Cut song: support
Functions: APT-X function, answering telephone, terminal code re-drawing, power display, one drag two function, low power alarm
Applicable products: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Millet, Meizu, all models, IPAD and other computers, notebook computers without Bluetooth need to cooperate with the use of Bluetooth adapter, some mobile phones may not be supported because of brushing or the in-original ecosystem.